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About NTAM

Investment Stewardship

Our Approach to Stewardship

Sustainable Value Through Active Ownership

We engage purposefully and actively with the companies in our portfolios to drive value creation and meaningful change that translates to business results and performance. We identify long-term risks that have the potential to pose challenges to shareholder value, engaging with companies on issues of substance — those that can affect business on many levels.
2022 Stewardship Report
Our Commitment
Engage Purposefully
We believe ESG can impact the long‑term success of all firms, making them important to all investors. That's why we identify, prioritize and engage on the issues we believe could pose the greatest risk to long‑term shareholder value.
Vote Responsibly
With around $1 trillion in assets under management1 across 10,000 companies globally, we recognize we have a respected voice and a responsibility to engage with corporate boards and management to ensure sustainable business practices.
Integration is Key
We believe positive economic and societal change, and financial performance, is best achieved when ESG analysis is combined with active stewardship.

1Assets Under Management were $1.2 trillion as of 3-31-2024. For the Northern Trust Asset Management entities included in the AUM total, please refer to the disclosure at bottom of the page.

We focus on the long-term and a dual purpose: protecting and enhancing the assets our clients have entrusted to us.

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Focused Framework

Engage Effectively

As stewards of more than $1 trillion in AUM, invested in more than 10,000 companies globally, we have a strong and respected voice. We use our influence responsibly, whether working one-on-one with companies or banding with like-minded industry participants, to lead productive engagements that drive results.

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Focused Framework

Discipline Drives Results

Our disciplined proxy voting policy and multi-cycle engagement program strives to encourage the companies in which we invest to pursue and disclose sustainable business practices that we believe will lead to long-term value.

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Focused Framework

Built on a Foundation of Accounting Standards & Best Practices

To influence companies, we engage on a range of objectives across four principal themes. This focused framework — rooted in SASB’s industry-specific materiality standards and corporate governance best practices — helps us prioritize objectives based on their level of materiality.

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Focused Framework

Priorities in Action

Our experience shows that regular engagement and proxy voting have the biggest impact when they are used in combination. Simply put: how we deploy our votes matter.

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By the Numbers

A Year in Stewardship

We believe that serving as an active owner produces sustainable value over the long term, which leads to better outcomes for clients, shareholders and stakeholders. In 2022, we made good on that belief.

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1NTAM AUM as of 3-31-2024 was $1.2 trillion.


2Northern Trust Stewardship Report 2022. Total engagements include 86 direct engagements by NTAM and 3,859 engagements through outside engagement partner firm EOS at Federated Hermes.


3Ranking published in ShareAction report "Voting Matters," January 17, 2023. Northern Trust Asset Management ranked 23rd overall globally and 1st among U.S. asset managers. ShareAction ranked asset managers from IPE's 2022 top 500 asset managers based on the following criteria: world's largest 35 asset managers based on AUM, next largest 35 European asset managers based on AUM, next largest 12 UK asset managers based on AUM.

Northern Trust Asset Management is composed of Northern Trust Investments, Inc., Northern Trust Global Investments Limited, Northern Trust Fund Managers (Ireland) Limited, Northern Trust Global Investments Japan, K.K., NT Global Advisors, Inc., 50 South Capital Advisors, LLC, Northern Trust Asset Management Australia Pty Ltd, and investment personnel of The Northern Trust Company of Hong Kong Limited and The Northern Trust Company.