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Investment Perspective · 03.26.24

Reduced Headwinds to Risk Assets

Global economic resilience supports a cautiously optimistic outlook for equities and credit markets as central banks gear up for potential rate cuts in the latter half of the year.
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Fixed Income Insights
  • High Yield
  • Risk management
Key Points
What it is
We review tactical asset allocations, highlighting equities and credit in a landscape marked by economic resilience and policy shifts.
Why it matters
Central banks, poised to cut rates in a stable economic environment, lay the groundwork for improved equities and credit market performance.
Where it's going
Broad market movements suggest a shift toward neutral equity positions and a reassessment of fixed income, reflecting expectations of supportive monetary adjustments.
Main Point

Adapting to Shifts in Global Markets and Economic Signals

The interplay between economic resilience and anticipated central bank rate reductions potentially impacts the equities and credit markets, suggesting the need for strategic portfolio realignments.


Keeping Options Open, but Not Overreacting

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