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Point of View · 12.19.23

Survey: How Treasurers Are Positioning Cash with Possible 2024 Rate Volatility

Treasurers, likely seeking to diversify their cash holdings to navigate rate and market uncertainty, are looking to money market funds, short-term bonds and ESG funds among others.
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Key Points
What it is
A survey of corporate treasurers uncovers how rising interest rates have impacted their cash investment decisions, and how they are positioning their portfolios.
Why it matters
Elevated interest rates are corporate treasurers’ top concern when making investment decisions on their short‑term investments.
Where it's going
As treasurers look to diversify their cash, nearly 60% say they have invested in or plan to invest in short‑term bonds or ultra‑short bonds.
Main Point

A Variety of Levers to Pull to Manage Cash in This Market

Among the findings in our survey, it’s likely no surprise that 41% of survey respondents picked rising interest rates as their number one concern impacting their short-term investment decisions while 15% selected inflation. There are some levers cash managers have been able pull to manage their portfolios, including increasing or decreasing the duration of their cash investments. However, they can consider other cash investment options — including ultra-short, money market and ESG funds — in their efforts to preserve capital and liquidity while potentially boosting yields. For more insights on managing your cash portfolio, explore the full survey in the link below.

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