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Point of View · 03.13.24

Why Treasurers Need a Diversified Approach to Cash Management

Unlocking the potential of a diverse cash strategy
  • Cash Management
  • Cash Insights
  • Money Market Fund
  • Portfolio Construction
Key Points
What it is
Despite the benefits of diversification, a recent survey shows that many corporate treasurers hold their short‑term investment portfolios in the same instrument.
Why it matters
Diversification helps treasurers strike a balance between more liquid but potentially lower‑return investments and less liquid, potentially higher‑return ones.
Where it's going
By spreading cash across various instrument types, cash investors can potentially reduce the impact of poor‑performing assets in their portfolios.
Main Point

The Diversification Advantage in Cash Management

Transform your treasury operations with cash management solutions. From optimizing returns to ensuring liquidity, discover how strategic allocation can help fuel growth and stability.

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