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White Paper · 07.10.23

Challenging & Volatile Markets

A Historical Perspective
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Key Points
What this is
Volatility and down markets often trigger fear in investor, but we show how equity markets over the decades have been consistently resilient.
Why it matters
Even in some of the worst markets over the past 100 years, the equity market historically has always recovered.
Where it's going
When the market runs into volatility, long‑term investors may want to keep the bigger picture of historically resilient markets in mind.


Challenging and Volatile Markets

Fear, frustration and pessimism can abound during negative markets, challenging investors to put the bear markets in perspective and reflect upon the lessons that history affords. After any large drawdown, once the initial shock wears off, the long-term impact becomes clearer and uncertainty often begins to decrease. Typically, a market recovery begins—sometimes quicker than seemed possible.

Illustrated with decades of data, this report illustrates the resiliency of equity markets after significant negative market events, recessions and bear markets.
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Main Point

The benefits of discipline and diversification

We believe investing in a difficult market requires patience and discipline. Just as indices across various investment styles and asset classes perform differently during bull markets, this is also true before, during and after both bear markets and recessions. The importance of maintaining a diversified portfolio through all market cycles is critical.

Volatility & Risk

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