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FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Changing the Conversation around ETFs

Institutional investors can benefit from our dedication to advancing the science of index design as we leverage our deep investment expertise, collaborative relationships with investing clients and a rich fiduciary culture in order to deliver distinctive ETFs. Our portfolio management capabilities in index management, quantitative active strategies, fixed income, and multi-asset class solutions, provide a rich set of capabilities that enable innovative product development and cost efficient fund solutions.
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FlexShares Fundamental Investing Objectives
Capital Appreciation
Strategies seeking to replicate the performance outcomes of investing in capital appreciation with the goal of growth with purpose.
Income Generation
Strategies seeking to replicate the performance of investing in income generating assets with the goal of income for investor needs.
Risk Management
Strategies seeking to manage specific portfolio and asset risks with the target outcome of alleviating risk.
Liquidity Management
Strategies seeking maximum current income with the target outcome of preservation of capital and liquidity.

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FlexShares Products

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FlexShares Ultra-Short Income Fund (RAVI)

An ultra-short actively managed fund with a focus on duration, sector allocation, current income with minimal net asset value (NAV) variability.

FlexShares Iboxx® 3-Year Target Duration Tips Index Fund (TDTT)

FlexShares iBoxx 3-Year Target Duration TIPS Index Fund (TDTT) seeks to effectively remove variability around duration in a TIPS portfolio by managing duration and interest rate risk in a portfolio that holds TIPS to hedge against the threat of inflation.

FlexShares U.S. Quality Low Volatility Index Fund (QLV)

The FlexShares U.S. Quality Low Volatility Index Fund (QLV) is designed to provide exposure to U.S.-based companies that possess lower overall absolute volatility and that also exhibit financial strength and stability, which we believe are quality characteristics.

FlexShares Morningstar® Global Upstream Natural Resources Index Fund (GUNR)

The FlexShares Morningstar Global Upstream Natural Resources Index Fund (GUNR) is an ETF that seeks to provide investors exposure to the potential rising demand for natural resources by tracking the Morningstar Global Upstream Natural Resources Index.

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Before investing, carefully consider the FlexShares® investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. This and other information is in the prospectus and a summary prospectus, copies of which may be obtained by visiting Read the prospectus carefully before you invest.


Foreside Fund Services, LLC, distributor.

FlexShares and Foreside are not related.


An investment in FlexShares® is subject to numerous risks, including possible loss of principal. Fund returns may not match the return of the respective indexes. The Funds are subject to the following principal risks: asset class; commodity; concentration; counterparty; currency; derivatives; dividend; emerging markets; equity securities; fluctuation of yield; foreign securities; geographic; income; industry concentration; inflation-protected securities; infrastructure-related companies; interest rate / maturity risk; issuer; large cap; management; market; market trading; mid cap stock; MLP; momentum; natural resources; new funds; non-diversification; passive investment; privatization; small cap stock; tracking error; value investing; and volatility risk. A full description of risks is in the prospectus.


Individual investors should contact their financial advisor or broker dealer representative for more information on FlexShares ETFs.


Investment Products and Services are:
Not FDIC Insured | May lose value | No bank guarantee