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    Our Philosophy
    We believe investors should be compensated for the risks they take — in all market environments and any investment strategy.


    Minimize Tracking Error and Transaction Costs

    We manage index funds to minimize transaction costs and maximize liquidity to achieve low tracking error, leveraging our integrated technology platform, global scale, and decades of experience in portfolio management and trading.
    Effective Index Tracking Through Efficient Tracking Error Management
    Index Investing With Impact Through Sustainable Stewardship Practices
    Reliability from a Global Indexing Leader

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    Principles of Investing

    Manage Risk and Maximize Trading Efficiency During Rebalancing Events

    A disciplined and risk-aware investment process, backed by the size-and-scale of a trillion-dollar operating platform, enables us to keep trading costs down and navigate key events with confidence.

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    Industry Average Tracking Error Around Rebalancing Events (in basis points)

    Rebalancing/Reallocating can entail transaction costs and tax consequences that should be considered when determining rebalancing/reallocation strategy. Source: eVestment Analytics, Northern Trust, as of July 31, 2023. The industry Average is derived from 10 products in the eVestment US Passive Russell 1000 Equity Universe -products containing an additional focus to index tracking such as tilting, sustainability, or tax-management are omitted from the analysis. Tracking error based on Russell 1000 rebalancing events every year end of June. Before rebalancing is May, during rebalancing is June, and after rebalancing is July. The shown values are average of 5-yearly rebalancing events.

    Principles of Investing

    Maintain Optimal Liquidity for Incremental Return Opportunities With Minimal Risk

    Replicating an index on any given day is not very difficult, but doing so consistently over several decades requires a deep understanding of how to navigate risk while finding the most efficient sources of return-mimicking exposures.

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    Excess Return vs Tracking Error for All Passive Equity (< 50bps TE)

    Source: eVestment Analytics, Northern Trust. As of June 30. 2023. All passive Equity universe is sourced from eVestment and consists of 311 total passive equity products with trailing 10-year tracking error less than 50 bps. Tracking error and excess returns are based on the Manager Preferred Benchmark for each strategy as defined in eVestment.

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    How it Works

    Build Diversified and Tailored Portfolios

    Optimizing transaction costs and risk tradeoffs while managing cash flows.1

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    How it Works


    Manage Trading Costs, Index Events, Market Access and Liquidity.

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    How it Works

    Risk Controls

    Portfolio Manager Monitoring, Compliance Oversight and Risk Management.

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    Who it's for
    Investors Seeking to Match the Performance of an Index
    Many decades of experience and scale drives index management decisions.
    Investors Seeking to Deliver Impact Through Their Portfolio's Index Allocations
    Creating impact for index investors through effective stewardship practices.
    Investors Seeking to Reduce Overall Portfolio Costs by Allocating to Index Strategies
    A global index framework backed by knowledge, experience and scale allowing low cost index management.


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    Team Expertise

    We measure success as achieving investor outcomes and delivering an exceptional client experience.

    Jake Weaver

    Head of Equity Index ManagementRead Bio

    Brent D. Reeder

    Portfolio ManagerRead Bio

    Robert D. Anstine

    Portfolio ManagerRead Bio

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